Gold 2015 Edison Award

CoolTerra™, a Water-Saving Soil Amendment, was Recognized in the Agricultural Enhancements Category; Awards Celebrate 26 Years of Honoring Innovators and Innovation


New York, NY – April 24, 2015 – Cool Planet’s CoolTerra™ product, a water and fertilizer-saving soil amendment that sequesters carbon and delivers transformative benefits to drought-stricken agriculture regions, has been named a Gold Edison Award winner.

CoolTerra™ acts as a virtual sponge to retain water and nutrients at the root zone, establishing lasting, naturally organic support systems for crops. With reductions in water or fertilizer, CoolTerra™ maintains or improves total production levels. CoolTerra™ also sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, helping to reverse climate change by taking CO2 captured by plants and storing it in the soil.

The Edison Awards, celebrating 28 years of honoring the best in innovation and excellence in the development of new products and services, announced CoolTerra™ as a Gold award recipient at the April 23rd event at The Capitale in New York City. Cool Planet’s Wes Bolsen joined Robert Lutz and Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School, as well as senior executives from some of the world’s most recognized companies, to discuss the company’s innovative CoolTerra™ product at the innovators summit earlier in the day.

“Our judges recognized CoolTerra™ as a true innovator out of the many products in the Agricultural Enhancements category,” said Frank Bonafilia, executive director of the Edison Awards. “CoolTerra ™ is a perfect solution for farmers, growers, and landscapers who are looking for innovative ways to reduce water use, but maintain or even improve results, which is particularly valuable in the drought stricken western US,” says Rick Wilson, Vice President of Cool Planet’s Biocarbon business. “CoolTerra ™ increases water use efficiency and reduces the need for fertilizer—that’s a game changer for the agricultural industry.”

Receiving an Edison Award is one of the highest accolades a company can receive for innovation in business. The awards are named after Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) whose inventions, new product development methods and innovative achievements literally changed the world, garnered him 1,093 U.S. patents, and made him a household name around the world. The ballot of nominees for the Edison Awards™ was judged by a panel of more than 3,000 leading business executives.

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